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Welcome to the CTAD Clinic Homepage. This clinic is for people and professionals in the field of complex trauma and dissociation



Dr Mike Lloyd B.A., MS.C, DClinPsych

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Please note: Under the Covid situation, we are

currently only able to process enquiries via e-mail.

The CTAD Clinic offers assessment and diagnosis of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and dissociative disorders, such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, as well as individual therapy, supervision, consultation and training.


We offer assistance to therapists and people with dissociative disorders to help understand and promote accessible and guidelines-driven therapy.


The Cheshire clinic is based just outside of Malpas, though satellite clinics are available in Winsford, Northwich and online.

In the following pages you can learn about our therapeutic approach to working with dissociative disorders, and how to contact us.


For GPs or mental health professionals looking to make a referral to The CTAD Clinic, please see 'GP Portal' for details on how to do this.

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A Testimonial:


Remarkable skill and expertise:

When I began working with Dr Mike Lloyd I would never have guessed the remarkable transformation I would achieve. Dr Lloyd put me at ease and allowed me to grow as a human being, his understanding of Dissociation and complex trauma really helped. His practise was located in clean, comfortable surroundings and felt highly confidential. He was also considerate of my needs and my difficulties and I never once felt pressured or misunderstood and this allowed for a trusting therapeutic alliance to be built. Unlike other professionals I had encountered previously Dr. Lloyd came alongside and treated me as an equal, allowing me to work at my pace and direct the sessions. Over the four years we worked together, he helped me to stabilise the chaos of my life, and then deal with the trauma which had plagued me for years, he also enabled me to grow and develop the skills I had lost along the way and  finally gain a sense of purpose and control over my own life, the like of which I had never encountered before. He enabled me to rebuild my self-esteem and tackle self-harming behaviours, I was able to reduce the dissociative symptoms and gain strength and resilience.

Dr Lloyd enabled me to heal in ways I had never dreamt possible and I will always be indebted to him for his professional attitude and expertise, it gave me my life back. I would highly recommend him and his service to anyone with complex trauma or a dissociative disorder.

Something to Note:

Mike was a guest on Steph's Packed Lunch on Channel 4 on Monday 22nd February, as part of a conversation with Bo Hooper, a young person with Dissociative Identity Disorder. To view the programme (this section around 13 minutes in), please click on the link to All 4 below:

Steph's Packed Lunch - On Demand - All 4 (

Covid-19 update. The CTAD Clinic is continuing to have regular clinical contact with all clients, referrers and supervisees using e-mail, phone and online systems. No face-to-face contact is available at this time. Please contact for further information.

E-Mail Therapy Guidelines

The CTAD Clinic has co-written a set of draft guidelines for the use of e-mail as adjunct therapy when working with people who have complex trauma and dissociation (incl. Dissociative Identity Disorder). We are offering these guidelines for consultation - please download and consider, use if you feel appropriate. We will happily take any feedback before submitting for publication. Copyright of these remains that of The CTAD Clinic.


Download here: 

gallery/Guidelines for the Clinical Use of Electronic Mail with DID patients April 2020 private practice v2.pdf



Dr Mike Lloyd is on Twitter: for updates, please search @DrMikeLloyd

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